Monday, February 9, 2009

Great Men Died Fighting, Let me tell you a story.

I am somebody

The clock struck 10 pm I decided to sleep, when I was about to get into the bed my cell phone rang, it was my best friend Pavan, we spoke for almost half an hour, started from football and ended with his preparations to go to UK for higher studies.

10:45 I was still rolling in my bed not able to sleep, I decided to go down and watch TV for sometime.

News Channel
Bomb explosion in Iraq, killings in Kashmir, Ghajini creates all kinds of records at the box office, IPL Dhamaka, will India win the fifth ODI?

Entertainment News Channel
Ghajini movie of the year, Slumdog nominated to Oscars, Priety heats up the IPL meet, shooting stalled coz of killings in Mumbai. Will Akshay retain his No1 position in Bollywood?

Movie Channels
I love you, I will kill you, I can’t live without you, hahaha, Maa, Will you marry me?

Entertainment Channel
Hahahaha, hehehehe, Sa Re Ga Ma, Bahu Nahi, Friends, Is This your final Answer?

I am nobody

My head was spinning there was so much happening in this world, TV just gave me a feel of how much important each and everyone is.
Killings everywhere, people are passionate about their country, their religion, their region within the country. We are all together; we are all fighting for a cause. Great Men died fighting for such cause, spent their and are spending their lives for such cause.

The arms of the clock had come together to welcome a new day. I went up to my terrace for some fresh air. As I sat on the parchment of the terrace I turned to my left to see the bustling market fast asleep, moon light danced with the street lights on the empty road. I looked down to see a clear shadow of mine; it was a full moon night. I mechanically looked up to witness the most amazing spectacle I had ever seen, a jet black canvas filled with silver sparkling dots and among them was a radiating white full circle. The stars and the moon seemed to be a part of a symphony, the sparkling stars seemed to dance on the horizon, and the moon looked beautiful, with each passing minute it seemed to innocently smile at me, a smile so innocent so full of shyness that it melts the most brutal hearts.

The whole universe lay above me, stars bigger in size than the Earth, millions in number; they could least care if the Earth was burning its self in the pursuit of the most materialistic things, if Ghajini boomed at the box office, if Akshay was No 10, if India lost the ODI, if I was a Hindu, Muslim or Christian. Who am I? I am nobody. So much out there we have no clue about, yet we shout. What is special about planet Earth? Why were we placed here? Do we all fall into a perfect picture?
I think there are a lot of people with me but are there truly lots of people with me, they are all around me, but we walk alone on the paths we choose. If we are alone, why are there groups of everything, why the borders, why the hatred? We come we go. Do we really live?
The Earth is like the universe and we are all like the stars, but never have we sparkled, nor have we danced. We have tortured, invented machines to torture, and killed each other.

My thoughts were interrupted by a white dot darting across the black canvas; the falling star dived into the horizon. I wish one day I fall that gracefully and pass onto the next world.

I slipped into the cozy blanket, closed my eyes; the river of my thoughts had reached the calm ocean. There was still one ripple in the ocean. “Great men died Fighting for a Cause”. Great?


thanu said...


rajeshwari said...

too good harsha.... Your thoughts are really matured and makes us think about the reality.... most of us, most of the time will just live in dream thinking that there is no end. In fact, we are not willing to think in that way coz we don’t wanna think about things which disturbs our peace of mind…

Really inspiring!! keep writing:)

Rajiv said...

Hey nice one da..... :) This is the best i feel..... Keep it going....

harsha said...

@thanu: Thank you for your kind word
@rajeshwari:Thank you, i see my post has made you think a lot :)
@rajiv:Thanks bro, i'll keep writing, you keep reading.

divsi said...

a helluva post this one..will make ne one sit down n ponder for a while..u appear to be a dreamer...a blend of abstract yet so concrete!:)

loved the flow of this post...moreova coz it was oozin wid truth n hurtful reality...:)

Anonymous said...

The man stood silent at his post. It was a quiet evening. Cockscombs of fluffy cloud reflected the orange and mauve of a evening onto the purple range of the Shamshabari range. Far below, through the tripod of his machine gun, he could see a dark meandering line of the Neelam river. All was peaceful, faint smell of woodsmoke told him that the cook had started preparing the evening meal in the bunker far behind. He remembered his family. Yesterday he had received a telegram that its a girl. He couldn't wait to get back to see her. Life was good, even though it would be more than two months before he could go home to see his girls. He never heard the sniper's shot which killed him. They found him fifteen minutes later, shoulders sagging, face down on the wooden butt of the gun. He would never see them any more...great men died fighting, let me tell you his story.