Saturday, February 6, 2010

What If

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It's been five years now and all that remains with me are the memories of the time spent with her. She took off to US one day to study and I got busy with my work, never once we found time to catch up, 'does she still remember me?' I ask often myself.
Some say 'Day Dreaming' is injurious to health, but I can't stop myself from dream, what would have happened? How would my life be? What?
What if I had the strength to tell her how much I love her, when I had the chance?

What If...

'Wait' pretty much seems to be the name of our relationship, 'coming late' a fond nick name we have stamped our relationship.
Pallavi Mishra, jet black eyes I can't stop looking into, smooth black curls I can't stop playing with, soft warm palm I can't stop holding. Beauty personified I often tell my friends.

"One more coffee please" I called out to the waiter.
An hour had passed and two coffees' were down in her wait.
I walked away from the table to get another cigarette. Ten minutes later I walked back to the table to find her sipping the coffee I had ordered.
"You are late" she said putting down the coffee
"Oh, yes madam, just an F.Y.I. that was supposed to my third coffee for the hour" I said pointing at the cup.
"You've been waiting for an hour?"
"Not an hour..."
"Okay not an hour so I am not very late"
"... I was going to say 'not an hour', but more like an hour and twenty minutes."
"I am so sorry, never will I come late again" she smiled
"So guess I'll be paying the bill today" she took another sip of the coffee.

'Strange' is the name my friends have christened our relation. Fights are an unknown entity, one of us is always late, and most times she ends up paying the bill, paying the bill with a smile.

What If...

"Feeling a little scared a little nervous, excitement also now n then. How r u doing?" read the message on my phone.
"Wear another gold ring" Ajji (grandmother) pushed the ring into my finger.
"Another gold chain" my aunt tried to push her luck.
"No" I stood firm.
"Where are going, the groom should not leave the room." mom shouted out.
"Just taking a leak mom" I shouted back.

Ten rings and she finally answered the call.
"Hi" I said sounding nervous
"Hi" her reply with the same nervous tone.
"So what you doing?" she asked
"Getting all ready to marry you, I guess"
"Not the time to be sarcastic, ass. Oh shit, I hope my mom didn't hear me"
"Hope my ajji didn't hear you" I laughed
"Oh yes I can't take another five hour lecture on 'how to be a good wife'.
"I hope you remember everything, your test starts from today" I laughed

What If...

"Did you take the bag" I shouted out to mom.
"Yes, just relax" mom replied back
"Where is my wifey?"
"Right behind you, hubby" Pallavi slowly walked to my side.
"Slowly and careful, I'll hold your hand" I held her as she slowly sat in the car.

Tensed and nervous I stepped on the accelerator, hospital was a good 7 kilometers away and I could sense the pain Pallavi was going through.
Broke several red signals and crossed all the speed limits, Pallavi tried hard to keep a smile on her face and ajji tried hard to irritate me with her back seat driving.

Forced Pallavi onto a wheel chair and pushed her through the hospital corridor, she started to let out low cries of pain and I started to shout out for the doctor.

"Relax, take deep breathes, nothing to worry" the doctor tried to calm
"Thank you doctor" I replied
"I was talking to your wife" a sharp reply that brought a smile on Pallavi's face.

A nurse took over from me and pushed away Pallavi, while I stood back with mom, ajji and dad.

"Have you thought of a name?" ajji asked
"No ajji, not able to decide" I replied still standing in the corridor looking out for the nurse or the doctor.
"If it is a boy then 'Ramalinga Kishore Swamy' will be the best choice..."
"Who is Ramalinga Kish... whatever that was" I asked a little irritated.
"You don't remember your grandfather's name, do you even remember my name" she asked surprised and angry.
"Oh, yes I do remember his name I used to call him Ram ajja and not Ramalinga Kish..."
"Its a girl" the nurse interrupted
"Subbamma!" ajji let out a cry
"What?" mom and I asked in unison
"Your daughter is reincarnation of my mother, you have to name her Subbamma. Last night she had come in my dreams and had told me she would..."
"Ajji not now, and I am not naming her Subbamma" I stopped her and walked away smiling to meet my little angel.

"Oh, she has the same eyes, the same lips, didn't I tell you she was a reincarnation of my mother" ajji kissed my daughter
"Amma, I think we need to go home and take some rest" my mom finally spoke to my relief.
Mom, dad and ajji walked out of the room leaving us three behind.

Pallavi finally laughed and said
"I am not naming my daughter 'Subbamma'.
She continued
"Your family sometimes I feel are crazy" she laughed again
I was about to reply when I was interrupted by Pallavi's parents.
"Where is my angel" Pallavi's dad came in almost running
"I am here dad" Pallavi replied
"I was talking to my granddaughter" reply brought a smile onto my face

Pallavi's mother lifted the baby and almost cried, she took some time to console herself and finally spoke
"She has the same eyes, the same lips, I am telling you she looks exactly like my mother, and I think 'Sita Lakshmi' is the best choice."

I couldn't control myself from laughing and I whispered into Pallavi's ear,
"Looks like your family is on the same train too."


If only I had the strength to tell her, 'how much I love her' I told myself and was about to walk out of my room when, my mobile screen turned on and I picked it up to read a message from an unknown number
"Hi ass, Pallu here. Just landed. wanna talk to you, wanna meet you too. what say? same coffee house at 6 :) "
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