Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Perfect Plan

The plan was hatched, the moves were made. I sat there on the couch, mentally preparing myself for the one last move. Check mate my friend were the thoughts running in my head. It was the perfect plan, no loops, no witness, one cold blooded murder and one happy couple. Exactly a year back, he had snatched the company away from me; I was reduced to a dummy Director of the company. The humiliation was still afresh in my mind, the memory of the day my dream was murdered was still alive in my head. Time had now come for him to say good-bye; time had come for him to die.

Earlier today, his loving wife had left for Chennai with an actor posing as me, we were going to Chennai to offer prayer at a Shiva temple, and everyone knew about the trip, everyone knew both of us were in Chennai for the trip which we took every six months. We had the perfect alibi. The air ticket bore my name; the seat next to mine was taken by her, his lady, his loving wife Tanya, who wanted the exact same thing that I wanted. Both of us were thirsty for his blood. We had the same dream, a house without him, a company without him, and a life without Arjun.

Sneaking into the house was done; all that was left was one silent kill. The plan was simple, one bullet straight to his head, then one messy house with the look of robbery. Keep the police busy looking for robbers, while we fulfilled our remaining dreams.

As I walked up the stairs, my mind was clear, there was no confusion or second thoughts, and my finger was ready to press the trigger. I had killed him a lot of times in my head, different method I used each time. Each method more brutal than the previous one and each method more satisfying than the previous one.

I slowly pushed open the door, and made my way to into the room. I stood by his bed for a few minutes looking at him. A stream of memories ran through my head, memories of Arjun and me playing together, memories of the college days, memories of starting the company together. They were all good, but they were quickly washed away by the flood of memories, which followed them. Memories of him taking the spot light for my work, memories of him sidelining me in my own company, memories of him mocking my ideas, memories of him then taking credit for the same ideas, those were all a painful bunch. I was a weak guy with no guts to stand up, but not anymore. Time had come to take charge of things; time had come to press the trigger.

I had one last thing to tell him.

Take care my Friend.

His pillow was now wet from the blood, that dropped from the wound on his head. I had an hour’s time to trash the house, and make it look like a robbery. A car was waiting near my house which I would drive to Chennai, and reach there with the first light of morning.

As I walked to the cupboard, I heard a vehicle pull up. I moved to the window to check who it was?

I pulled the curtain and I stood there, shocked to see a police jeep. My mind went blank for a second, how could it be? Who informed the police?

There was no time for questions, I ran downstairs with thoughts of escaping from the back door. Before I could reach the back door, shots were fired and I surrendered.

I sat there on the cement platform, which acted as my cot in the cell. There was no hope, it was an open and shut case.There was no regret in my mind, but there questions, who informed the police? How did the perfect plan fail?

I was about to lie down on the cement platform when the constable came near the cell and called out

“You have a visitor”

The plastic chair on which I was made to sit, felt like luxury compared to the cement platform. The waiting room or the visitor’s room housed six constables. One of them had the keys to the hand cuffs that were on me, if only he gave them to me I thought.

The door opened and in came Tanya. I knew she would come to visit me, our feelings for each other was more than love. We knew we were made for each other the minute we had met a year back.

She walked towards me, she didn’t look that well, may be because of the shock that our perfect plan didn’t quite work out the way we planned. She took the chair right opposite to me, gently touched my fingers and spoke with a smile

“I came here to thank you, thank you for executing the plan the way I wanted it”

I was a little confused and replied

“I don’t quite understand”

She spoke with a soft laughter

“You don’t still get it? Well guess what, I changed the end of the plan a little bit, I never booked the ticket in your name, I booked it in my brother’s name, and that actor was my brother. While you were busy practising with the gun, I was busy telling people that, I was taking this trip with my brother, as you had to take care of some important work, that came up.”

“I just forgot to tell you” she continued.

My world came crashing down; she was the last one I expected to betray me. She broke my trust and kicked my love.

I pushed away her hand and spoke with anger

“You were the one who betrayed me. How could you?” I asked

“Calm down Ishan, lets not get emotional. You wanted him dead more than me. I just loved his money more than you” she replied with a soft voice.

I could not control myself from shouting out with rage

“I swear to God I will kill you”

Before I could jump across the table, the constables had me pinned down on the ground.

She got up from the chair and stood a few steps away from me. A constable stood by her requesting her to leave the room.

She bent down a little towards me and said

“I just have one last thing to say before I leave”

Take care my Friend.


Karthik said...

Well, the flow is still there, but very predictable.
Narration is very good as always.

Harsha Chittar said...

Hey thanks bro, Karthik for the feedback, i was trying something new with this one. I kind of knew it would be very predictable, but other than that i hope you enjoyed reading it.

Karthik said...

Oh, yes man. Thoroughly enjoyed it. :)

keshav said...

dude startin approach is really gud...was expectin little bit of twist r some other thrillin line at d end..hav got the story tellin style nd was hooked to my seat to complete the story:)...keep it up..

Newbie Mommy said...

First time to the blog, nicely written and umm, LOVE the template ;)

Keep at it!

Harsha Chittar said...

@keshav:Thanks bro, sorry it was simple, but it doesn't end here
@Newbie Mommy: Thanks feels good seeing a new visitor. Hope you keep coming back :)

Rahul. said...

Interesting read,
It could have used more imagery though.
You know, encourage the reader's imagination.

Harsha Chittar said...

@Rahul: Thanks a lot for the pointer will keep it in my mind.

pradeep said...

Hey nice story but you arrived too fast at the point ... and a lil predictable.... Flow is nice... Add a twist it will be super... All the best..:)

Harsha Chittar said...

@Pradeep: Thanks bro, but the story continues, it is just the start not the end :) hope you keep reading

divsi said...

whaaoo! that was very vivid. super n crisp narration..
n man u hav a greatttttt template one of the best i ve eva come across in blogsville!

Harsha Chittar said...

Welcome to my Blog
@divsi: Thank you very much, thats very kind of you. Hope you keep visiting :)