Saturday, October 24, 2009

Care Not

care not for the world

for it never will understand u

like the rivers, the mountains, the trees

they could care less for the world

u walk alone

the path you choose

the world a mere spectator

careful do not let it

do not let inspiration die

for it will mean

u let the world get u


Narendra said...

yes the world is a mere spectator...eager to behave critic :(


PS:pls pls allow WP bloggers to comment too..i hate to drop my link...But i have to :( :P

divsi said...

beauty! the harsh truth n fact of life...:) its yr journey u ve got to fight it alone...:))
kip writin harsha! loved this short crisp n meaningful poem!

Harsha Chittar said...

@Narendra: Open ID enabled, and thank you for liking the poem.
@divsi: Thank you very much, will try to keep writing. :)

Nethra said...

Hey, it was nice.
Cheers :)

pulkits said...

beautiful!! :D