Monday, March 15, 2010

Stars of Bagamandala - A Nibble

“Bagamandala” the voice sang out in my head. I was going back to my roots, to my village after a long gap to 10 years.

Bagamandala a small village in the far end of Coorg district is the place I spent most of my childhood, with my grandparents.

Tall green mountains in the background, sparkling waters of river Kaveri cutting across, green paddy fields on one side of the road and rich coffee plants on the other

Hot steaming idly with coconut chutney sat still on the banana leaf waiting for me. Seeing ajji holding the jar of ‘midi opinkai’ (mango pickle) brought an instant smile on my face.

Steaming hot coffee in a dented steel tumbler added an extra joy to the break-fast.

Stars of Bagamandala is my entry to Katha Sagar (A story writing contest)
Do drop in at to read further and rate the story for what it is worth.


BK Chowla, said...

Hot steaming coffee with Idli is very tempting

thebutterflydiaries said...

A very nice and nostalgic post, written in the style reminiscent of Ruskin Bond.

Left me feeling very nice though sad.

Chatterbox said...

Fantastic read :)

Best wishes for the contest.


dilontherocks said...

Wow...Thats sounds like a great idea...Surely miss the the feeling..