Sunday, May 6, 2012

Once Again

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Once again I find myself sitting in front of the computer racking my head to come up with a post for Blog-a-ton. This is my 10th Blog-a-ton so by the end of this post I will be a Veteran Blogatonic, the word veteran I am not that fond of it makes me feel old. I remember my first Blog-a-ton, I was very new to the blogging world my blog had just a couple of comments hardly any posts on my blog.

The topic for the Blog-a-Ton was “The Indian Dream” I had spent an entire evening thinking of a story but could not write a word completely blank I got up from my chair to take a break as I walked away I lifted my hand and pretended to bowl at some imaginary wickets

“Howazzat” I shouted at my chair where stood my imaginary umpire

“Another hat trick for Harsha, the cup looks to be heading India’s way.” The commentators in my head shouted out loud and that was when it hit me, what better story than the great Indian dream of winning the world cup. I ran towards the computer and hammered out the story in 30 minutes, on finishing the story I read it out to myself by the end of it I just couldn’t stop smiling. I had done it I had created a winner it was perfect, the first prize was in my bag.

Almost 35 comments and all of them applauding the story, I just could not erase the smile off my face. The whole house had come to the conclusion that I had finally lost it and it was time to take me to a specialist. But only a blogger knows the joy one gets in reading those comments it is simply an incredible feeling there is nothing like it.

A week later the results were announced as I scrolled down the list of winners it hit me like a splash of icy cold water on a winter morning not a single vote.        

Growing up during my school days I just had one dream, to come first in the running race I just wanted that shinny gold medal but every year I would come 5th or 6th and even last on one instance. Dejected I would plant myself in front of the T.V my mum would come to me with some juice pat my back and say
“I am proud of you, good job.”
“Not a good job very bad job.” I would shout at her disgusted
“Participating is important not winning.”
How stupid, how can someone think like that I would think to myself.

After looking at that winner’s list there was just one thought in my head
“Participating is important not winning.”
What my mother could not teach me in 12 years Blog-a-ton taught me in a few minutes.
I closed the website opened my story patted on the screen and spoke out loud
“Participating is important not winning.”

I scrolled down to read the comments again, Guria, Madhu Rao, Shilpa Garg, Shruthi, Avada Kedavra, Sojo Varughese, Aativas, Shutter Bugs, Karthik, Pawan, Grace, Sid, over the week that I had spent reading their blogs without realizing they had become a part of my life, it has been three years now I have never met them but they are still a part of my life I enjoy reading their blogs each one so unique and so creative master of the art churning out post after post it has made me realize that there is a world outside my computer.What took me by surprise that day was the ability of us bloggers to appreciate from the heart the work of a fellow blogger, I have never seen such honest appreciation is any other forum. I started writing regularly after some encouraging comments I received at my first Blog-a-ton, appreciation always makes one feel good but when it comes from our own kind the feeling is special.

After that first experience I took part in 8 more Blog-a-ton events never won not even a bronze but what made me come back each time was the opportunity to meet some amazing people. I am here once again at my 10th Blog-a-ton with a huge writer’s block in my head but hoping to type out decent post and looking forward to read some amazing posts.

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viva_andya said...

wow..firstly congrats on being a veteran blogger. I liked the way you depicted your journey in simple sense.even my journey is more or less on the same lines as yours. ha ha:D
BAT does teach you that participating is more important than winning ...
good read

aativas said...

I fully agree with you about how and what Blog-a-Ton teaches us. Sure, we have not met, but we all are parts of each others' life. Very well written.

Kappu said...

Wow, I can totally strike chord with the portion where you feel happy when comments flood for your post.

Now, that by itself is a Gold award to a blogger :)

So there! Happy Blogging-a-Ton! :o)

The Fool said...

Nice post. Did you know your posts were one of those I liked a lot in my first Blog-a-ton. But then there was only 1 vote and after lot of dilemma I gave my vote to Tavish instead. I really liked your stories in Blog-a-ton and at Indimag. I started following your blog voices in my head. Then you suddenly disappeared somewhere. Nice to see you making a re-appearance. Btw, I too know most of the folks you mention. Most have left blog-a-ton except Aativas. Only yesterday I was mentioning to Leo that Blog-a-ton does not feel the same without them.

vajra said...

Awesome writing...I'm new to blog a ton and this is my first submission.I am realizing what u r expressions are depicted in my way.The happiness we show out only when fellow bloggers and readers appreciate our work.Nice one dude..:) :)

N.S.Kirti said...

this is my first time in BAT. and this was such a lovable story! kudos to your mom for saying such a marvelous thing to you!
and i know, i have found so many wonderful blogs already through it!!
i am having fun :)

Ashish Bathini said...

Congrats on your 10th post, and this is my first BAT participation so I kinda understand where your comming from.

I like the way you wrote this, this post is simple but refreshingly effective. Very well done

Nasia said...

You have an awesome mother. We need more parents like that who appreactive children for what they arë.
having said that, į would say winning matters too. Cos it iš nevr easy to win. Iš it? :-)

Dewdrop said...

Quite a journey you had through all these blog-a-tons. Hope you continue writing many more of these !

Dishit D said...

Congrats for your 10th Blog-a-ton!
//I started writing regularly after some encouraging comments I received at my first Blog-a-ton, appreciation always makes one feel good but when it comes from our own kind the feeling is special//
Even a single comment makes our day and only fellow bloggers can understand that feeling :)
Nice take on the topic!